Commercial law

Athena Law & Strategy provides legal assistance in all aspects of commercial law, both with negotiating and drafting contracts as well as the discussions on the execution of agreements, such as:

  • Distribution contracts (commercial agency, concession, franchising, …);
  • Commercial cooperation agreements;
  • Agreements with specifically regulated professionals (notary, accountant, lawyers, …);
  • Credit agreements;
  • General conditions (B2C and B2B);
  • Transfer of business assets;
  • Market practices (such as customer poaching and reputation).
  • Assistance to a French industrial group in drafting agreements with its Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg concessionaires. 
  • Assistance to franchisees with the renegotiation of their franchise agreement in the food industry.
  • Assistance to a Belgian private bank in a dispute with its former CEO following violation of a non-competition clause before the Bruges Court of First Instance.
  • Assistance to a Swedish multinational in criminal liability proceedings before the Ghent Court of Appeal (contract for services).
  • Assistance to a Norwegian multinational in civil liability proceedings before the Brussels Court of First Instance.
  • Assistance to French SME’s active in the timber sector in proceedings against Belgian suppliers before the Commercial courts of Mechelen and Ghent. 
  • Assistance to clients in several professional liability proceedings (notary, accountant, lawyers, …).