Asian Investments

Establishing a business or company in a foreign country requires knowledge, correct information and valuable contacts and understanding of the values, manners and objectives of the host country. 

Our law firm assists Asian clients who wish to invest in Belgium of who seek legal assistance in negotiations or possible disputes with their Belgian contract partners. 

Our law firm also assists and advices Belgian clients in their relations with Asian contract partners or investors. 

In these matters, we pay special attention to conciliate the European and Asian cultural differences during the negotiations as during the execution of the contracts with the objective turn the cultural diversity into an added value for both parties. 

Our law firm offers: 

  • Assistance with establishing a company branch offices in Belgium for Asian investors; 
  • Assistance with acquisitions in Belgian companies and drafting shareholders agreements; 
  • Assistance with acquisition of real estate;
  • Assistance with the negotiations of commercial agreements between Asian and Belgian companies; 
  • Assistance of the client in case of legal dispute or litigation. 

Hyunchae Yu is the contact person of our law firm for our Asian contacts and companies. Hyunchae Yu manages these files, in collaboration with the partners of our firm, in English, Dutch, French or Korean. Hyunchae Yu also maintains good contacts with Korean investment organizations in Belgium in order to assist the potential investors in the best way possible.