Aviation Law and Transport Law

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Athena Law & Strategy boasts extensive expertise in all areas of transport law, with expert knowledge of aviation law in particular.

Athena Law & Strategy represents and assists many airline companies and other important players in the air cargo transport market.

Our attorneys frequently litigate disputes between airline companies and travellers relating to flight cancellations, delays and lost luggage, in addition to noise pollution disputes.

Athena Law & Strategy for instance has intervened in multiple major air crashes, representing air insurers in some cases and the families of the victims in others.

We also have extensive knowledge of aviation product liability as well the liability of maintenance firms and airport operators.

Our firm represents clients in cases relating to air crashes and cargo damaged during air transport, both before local and international courts.

We also boast vast experience in handling cases pertaining to sport aviation liabilities, from parachuting to ultralight and microlight aircraft devices.

Our counsel moreover extends far beyond just aviation law, and we intervene in cases relating to road, rail and sea transport.

We can also help you resolve contractual and regulatory issues, no matter the type of transport.