Simon Deryckere

Simon Deryckere

Simon Deryckere has obtained a Master of Laws at the Catholic University of Leuven (cum laude) and has obtained a DES in Economic Law at the Université Libre of Brussels (magna cum laude) as well as an LLM in Company Law at the Catholic University of Brussels (cum laude).

Simon has been a member of the Bar of Kortrijk since 2007 where he was a laureate of the pleadings competition. Simon was also a laureate of the pleadings competition of the Netherlands in Breda. 

Simon mainly focusses on complex litigation cases in corporate law in the broad sense, particularly company law, real estate law and insolvency law. 
As a litigator, Simon strives to obtain the best possible solution for his clients. A negotiated solution if possible, sharp legal proceedings if necessary. Simon is a respected pleader and has experience  before all Belgian judicial courts as well as dealing with arbitration cases. 

In the above mentioned fields of expertise, Simon will also provide legal advice and assistance for the redaction of contracts with a view to prevent possible disputes as much as possible. Recently Simon has obtained his admission as a mediator in civil and commercial cases (University of Ghent 2018). 

Simon is often invited as a lecturer of seminars in his expertise and was a practice assistant at the Catholic university of Leuven (division Kortrijk). 

Simon has started and expanded his career at several reputed law firms before joining Athena Law & Strategy.